I’m thinking of making a Discord group, Human Imagination, or something like that. When I do, I’ll post a link here so you can join.

I’ve been pondering the idea of writing letters from my future self to my past self:

Dear Me,

I’m writing you, sitting on the balcony to our bedroom, looking out over the orange grove. We have a small white metal outdoor table with a couple chairs here along with the ratan lounge chairs. That way, Nony and I can sit outside and enjoy a green juice or coffee first thing in the morning while it’s still cool out here, and it’s a nice place to sit and write. I’ve even slept out on the lounger. It’s almost like the old-fashioned sleeping porches.

You probably know our bedroom well enough by now, you fall asleep here most nights now. The sleigh bed is just like you pictured it, from the NC furniture makers. The wood is beautiful. I walk by it and just run my hand over it. There’s something special about solid wood, isn’t there.

Oh, Mom Bird came to visit. She loved the guest apartment and will move in for the winter. I think she’s especially excited about the second bedroom, so An came come stay “with her.” She was happy with the car parked in the apartment driveway, and that we’d thought to have a car for her so she can just fly here whenever she wants to come. It’s almost a “miracle” what your relationship is like now. I’m so happy, and I know you are also.

The scent of the orange trees is amazing this morning. José is an amazing gardener. He loves working with plants and we’re so lucky to have him. There are flowers and fruits and veggies growing along the pathways leading to the orange grove, and just past the grove is the river, wide enough for swimming, we have a small deck leading out into it and several large floats, so you can enjoy the water without getting wet if you’d prefer. There’s a narrow inlet around the side, and the fishing is better there. It really is perfect.

Let’s see, what are you most curious about? The house is brick, with 6 bedrooms, including yours. Enough space for everyone in the family to come visit along with friends. The garage is to the side, and you can park in the garage and walk into the kitchen. Very nice for bringing in groceries when it’s raining. The kitchen has a center island with pots and pans hanging from hooks above it. Tweet 2 likes that. He’s helping to design the kitchen at your house; it’s getting remodeled along with the rest of the house while we’re staying here. That way, I don’t have to worry about the plaster dust in the air. When summer comes, I look forward to seeing how everything looks. Friends have dropped in and sent pictures, and Nony has flown back to see. So far, it looks amazing. I can’t wait for you to see it all.

From the kitchen, you can walk out to the lanai, walk in to the dining room, or walk in to the living room. From the living room, you can look out the windowed wall to the lanai and past it into the garden. It’s on the east side of the house, so the sun doesn’t heat things up much, and the view is lovely. In the corner, near the orange grove, you can just see the guest house.

If you walk out the double glass doors of the living room, the lanai is paved with cobblestones, to separate it from the garden. There are a couple tables out here, large enough for our family and friends to enjoy a meal. The grill is out here near the kitchen entrance and there’s a pizza oven.

Well, it’s warming up a bit, and the house is stirring. Can’t wait until you’re here.


Yes, I think I will definitely start doing this. As I wrote, I could see what I was writing about as when I first lay down and start imagining.

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