I woke early this morning and as I lay dozing; I remembered I was at the new house. I didn’t want to disturb Nony and didn’t feel like going out on the balcony or even going out into the rest of the house…I was still sleepy and wanted somewhere comfortable to curl up. And I thought, I’ll just sit in the chair in the corner. And I opened my eyes and looked over in the corner nearest to me, and there was a lovely leather armchair with a matching leather footstool. It was this color of leather and very similar in style.

Until this point, while I occasionally had an idea that there was a chair there, I’d never seen it. I just knew that no other furniture I tried to imagine in that spot fit. Beside the chair was the rolling side table/desk I saw out by the lounge chairs last night, with my laptop sitting on it ready to go, something like this:

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