This morning I was meditating before waking all the way up, something I’m trying to get into the habit of doing each day. As I lay in bed, eyes still shut, I imagined having received something specific I’ve been imagining. And then a friend telling me they had received something specific I’ve been imagining for them.

The whole thing felt like a break-through, but after that came the biggest one. In At Your Command, Neville says to meditate on “I AM” until “you are lost in the feeling of just being – faceless and formless.”

I’ve been meditating on “I AM” for most of my meditation time lately. Neville’s idea of the Promise was what initially attracted me to him, more than the Law of Assumption (which is slightly, but significantly different from the better known Law of Attraction). Don’t misunderstand me, the LoA is fascinating and I love that I can see my deepest desires come to pass, but the Promise offered answers to the questions I was asking right at that moment. Of the two, in my humble opinion, the Promise is the thing to focus on, and in the focusing, the LoA will also come to pass as well.

So after that, I went into prayer mode. For years, whenever I’d pray, I’d pass through the outer gates and enter the inner sanctum. God stood at the front of the room, and sometimes there were other people there beside me, all praying and worshipping, and at other times, I was the only one there. Then, I’d dance or carry on a conversation with God.

Today though, as I entered the sanctum, I remembered that I AM God, and my view changed so I am at the front of the room looking out instead of in the room worshipping the One at the front.

Then, as God, I remembered the experience I had a couple weeks ago, where I experienced ALL of God, and the only word that still comes to mind to describe God in that moment was VASTNESS.

Today, in the Sanctum, looking out into the room, I realized that the vastness of God encompassed everything. Everything that is, everything that was, everything that will be. There is nothing but God.

And then I thought of how, years ago, I added a note in my Bible study that the thing that separates us from every other creature, including the angels, the thing that truly makes us in God’s image, is the ability to create. To literally make something from nothing.

And standing there as God, realizing the vastness of my being, I pondered Genesis 1, changing elohim to I AM.

“In the beginning, I AM created the heavens and the earth. And the earth was without form, and void.”

And suddenly my eyes were open and I understood…

In the beginning, I imagined the heavens and the earth. And the earth (the thing I was about to imagine) was without shape, and void (nothingness).

And I said, “Let there be light.” And in my mind, I could see what I was imagining. And it was good.

There was more, but once again, I’m being like Mary and contemplating these things in my heart. When I have the wisdom and understanding to explain the rest accurately, I’ll write it here. For now, though, I’ll end the post here.

“And now we go to the silence…”

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