Today I drew the nine of cups.

Card from the Hermetic Tarot by Godfrey Dowson. Photo link goes to Amazon.

The cups were the first set I started studying by examining the pictures in details, and this is one of my favorite. There is a hand holding flowers. Flowers are a theme throughout this tarot deck, three of the suits have flowers as a continuous theme. The flower for cups reminds me of a sunflower. These flowers are water fountains. All nine flowers are leaning over their respective cups and filling them, not just to the brim, but to overflowing. There is an overabundance of riches in this picture, and the text at the bottom confirms that: Lord of Material Happiness.

The word happiness at the bottom makes me think that it’s not about someone like Scrouge, who has an abundance of riches but is still miserable, but the joy that comes when you first see the realization of a material goal. Your business prospers or you get a big raise or you have enough to not only do what you want to, but also to pay someone else’s way, so you’re both happy.

So, for my spreadsheet, this one says: Abundance, Overabundance, Everything you desire, Riches overflowing, Success in material matters, Joy in prosperity.

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