I have been drawing Queens almost nonstop lately. Today’s card is the Queen of Cups.

Obviously queen over the waters, she stands surrounded by the waves, with 2 large waterlilys in the foreground. There is also something reaching out of the water , fingers on hand, but whether it’s a monster or a subject we can’t tell. Regardless, she stands unworried, although her dress looks like she may have already battled once. Beside her are more waterlilys and a cup which a lobster or crawfish crawls out of. The design of the water looks almost like peacocks. The queen herself looks like someone who would be nice to know. There is also an ibis standing next to her, unafraid, his beak almost touching her. 

This is a double water card, which is what the triangles at the top show. Queens represent water and cups represent water. 

Meaning: Friendly, Creative, Kind, Imaginative.

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