I’ve had a migraine the last few days, so meditation times have either been almost non-existent, not for lack of trying, or, when I did enter in, almost felt like fevered dreams with things jumping around and making very little sense. My migraines have gotten much better since I began juicing, but I ran out of supplies at the end of last week, so didn’t juice a couple days, and I suspect this is the result.

Because of the migraine, I haven’t been doing as much of anything. Listening to Goddard’s lectures a little, and that’s pretty much it. I far and away prefer his lectures to his books…the books are like an intro college course, enough information to give you a taste of what’s being taught, but not enough to do much with it yet. The lectures are the higher level courses that help you understand all the topics you covered in the 101 course, and then some.

Today I was listening to “I Am Reality Called Imagination.” On the Immortal Man lectures, it is the 5th lecture. He starts off with 2 Cor 13:5:

“‘Test yourselves,’ says Paul. ‘if you are in the faith; Do you not realize that Jesus Christ is within you? Unless, of course, you fail the test.’”

I don’t recall ever studying this verse until I began reading Neville. So, of course, I had to do some word searching to get a deeper understanding of the meaning. Here is my translation:

“‘Test yourselves if you are in the faith; see if you pass. Do you not know from personal experience that Jesus Christ is within you? If not, you are a counterfeit.’”

Neville explains this verse very simply. When you read Jesus Christ, where did your thoughts go? Inside yourself or outside yourself? If you thought of a being apart from yourself, then you failed the test.

By the way, ἐστὲ in the first part of the verse and at the end (you are) is a conjugation of the word, “I AM,” as in the name of God. Looking at the phrases with You Are with the knowledge that I AM God, we get, “Test yourself to see if YOU ARE God in faith; see if you pass. Do you not know that Jesus Christ is within you? If not, you are a counterfeit God.”

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