Meditating has become my new favorite past time.

The first time I meditated, I saw Mr. Rogers. “What are you looking for?” he asked me.

“I’m looking for God.” I told him.

“Don’t you know that God is within you?” he said, pointing at me.

Another time, I experienced the adventure of forgiving everyone and myself. I wrote about that one in I Forgive You.

I guess it’s no wonder that meditating is becoming one of my favorite things to do…it almost feels addictive, like I could just live in meditation.

Yesterday, I was meditating, concentrating on “I AM.” Several years ago, God showed me, in an absolutely incredible, daytime, standing-out-in-public vision, that God is Love. It was one of those epiphional moments that completely change your life (much like finding Goddard has been for me).

So yesterday morning, when I was meditating, I was considering the varitations of “I AM”: I AM God, I AM healthy, I AM rich, I AM thin, I AM Love.

I stopped on that one. I AM Love. And I saw my vision from years ago, it was such a distinctive vision and affected me so strongly, that even now, I just need to consider it and the whole thing appears. “I AM Love.” And this time, as I watched that vision play in my mind, I saw clearly that I AM God, and therefore I AM Love. And so when I see that God loves everyone, that means that this is for me to do, to love everyone. Neville talks about being sent out to preach. William Blake saw God as Creativity and used his creativity to share God. I saw God as Love. So I am Love, to live Love and share Love. It doesn’t mean that I can’t be creative or preach or do anything else, it’s more a reflection of who I am.

I suspect there are others who are another aspect of God. Neville talks about meeting Gods, and I wonder if that isn’t people who have given specific aspects of the Divine to become. I also wonder if perhaps that isn’t a part of the Promise…that as you delve deeper into the Promise, you become specialized, as it were, it’s not that you can’t see or do or interact in any other way, but that this specific element becomes who you are.

“And now abides three things, faith, hope, and love. And the greatest of these is love.”

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