I don’t know if I will go through the whole Bible like this. Maybe I will. I know that to be “fully convinced in my own mind,” I need to keep going, researching Neville’s statements and proving them true until I no longer need to keep researching.

This is one of the first verses that convinced me that what I was reading was truth.

God = our imagination

So this verse could read, “And in our imagination, we said, “Let there be ______, and there was _______.”

Fill in the blanks with whatever you are desiring. Perhaps you need a new job. So in our imagination, we say, “Let there be a new job for me.”

But the verse doesn’t end with just saying. “And there was” is the imperfect form of the verb “to be.” That means that this happened in the past, but is also continuing to happen now.

So, when we say, “Let there be a new job for me,” there was a new job, and the new job is still ongoing.

Perhaps instead, you want finances coming in. “And in our imagination, we said, ‘Let there be continuing and ever increasing finances,’ and there was and will continue to be ever increasing finances.”

And this doesn’t apply just to yourself. You can state this over someone else. Perhaps a friend needs a new job, so you declare the new job for them.

This isn’t something you need to shout on a mountaintop or even physically say out loud. Instead, you say and declare it in your imagination, in the place where God lives within you. And in that place, in your imagination, you say “Let there be light.” and there was light.

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