A lot going on lately. I was in mid-post a week and a day ago when I ran headfirst into a crisis. Not physical, spiritual.

The crisis had to do with wrapping my ingrained beliefs around what I’m learning now. I was born a Christian and grew up in a paraChristian household. By that I mean that we went to and were active in the church, but at the same time, I grew up visiting other religions and looking into other churches. If the Universal church would have had a branch in the town I grew up in, that likely would have been the church we would have attended.

I also grew up learning about Christian mystics like Edgar Casey. But through it all, God and Jesus were at the forefront, and everything else was just extra.

Well, except with my Dad, and I’m not completely sure he wasn’t into Neville before any of the rest of us. I think I’ve mentioned that I remember him telling me to do the ladder experiment.

But, Dad didn’t go to church, and the rest of us did. After college, I joined a spirit-filled church, and a friend convinced me that all the mystical things I’d played with before were wrong, so I left them and walked away.

So now it feels like I’ve come full circle. Reading Neville the first time, it felt like my soul sat up and said, “This is truth.” My soul is picky about things like that. Years ago I realized I couldn’t read most Christian philosophy books because the truth that God was showing me didn’t always conform to the truth they proclaimed, so for at least a year, the Bible became my main book, with my concordance right beside it. I’d look up every single word, “In the beginning” is actually one word, meaning first. “First, God created…” I’ve always believed that God making man in his own image meant that he gave us the gift of creation. None others have it.

I think I’ve decided I’m going to stop worrying about the SEO stuff. Maybe even remove it from here. I know that you, the reader, can’t see it, but it’s annoying: choose a keyword or phrase (it should just say phrase, since it fusses at you if you just use a single word). Rewrite the title to include the phrase. Rewrite the description to include the phrase. Make sure you use the phrase in your post at least once. Now you need a paragraph header with the phrase. Maybe instead of all that nonsense every time I write a post, I’ll just imagine traffic coming to my blog and you guys commenting on the posts you enjoy.

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