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I was listening to Neville’s lectures this morning, and he was sharing the story of getting out of the service during WW2. I’ve heard the story more than once, but this time, something he said struck me, “When you hear a voice speak during your imagining, you know you’ve arrived.”

Since I’ve been studying Neville, there are things that I’ve imagined multiple times, some in quite a bit of detail. Others, I’ve only imagined once or twice, and then when I’d consider imagining them again, they felt done, like when you paint a picture and it’s perfect and nothing needs to be added to it, and you know if you try, you’ll only detract from your artwork instead of adding to it.

I realized today that those were the times when I heard conversation that wasn’t me consciously imagining it. I may have been speaking, or someone else spoke to me, but the words didn’t come from my consciousness, they came from beyond that part of me.

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