I’ve been listening to Neville on audio for a few days now. I like the audio because it forces me to go through the books instead of constantly backtracking to reread things that I didn’t completely get the first time.

Repeatedly, he talks about finding a simple activity unique to your desire. One example he gives is a lady who wished to be married, so he told her to imagine she was wearing a wedding band. Because, he explained, there are lots of activities that you can do while you’re married, but they don’t require you to be married. Wearing a wedding band is unique to being married.

I realized that I was struggling with a certain big desire because I felt like I should see the whole thing. Instead, I’ve realized that I simply need to focus on an activity or item unique to my desire.

Another thing that Neville pointed out was that you don’t have to plan the whole thing. Say, for example, that you’re looking for an apartment, like another example he shared. In this example, the couple looking knew a few very specific things they wanted. They wanted a townhouse in a good location in NYC. The husband wanted a large, plate-glass window with a great view. The wife wanted a wall of mirrors.

I’m actually combining two parts here, but it goes together. The second part is when he’s answering questions and someone asks if your desire can harm someone else…for example, if you desire finances, will someone you love die and leave you the money, and did you cause their death. Neville quotes one of my favorite Bible verses to show that this will not and can not be true, 1 John 3:8, “God is love.”

“God wants the best for you,” he says, and you don’t have to include all the bells and whistles. God will take care of all that.

So, back to the apartment. The couple was offered a townhouse apartment in the very building they were already living in, with everything they wanted, and the window overlooked Central Park.

What really hit me about all of this is that too often I feel like if I don’t plan every detail, it won’t be good. I have to let go and seriously keep it simple. Don’t worry about all the details. Know the things that are important to you, and then find that simple item that is easy to focus on, and that you can feel. Bring your emotions into play as you imagine receiving your desire. How are you going to feel when you receive the thing you want? Now put the emotions together with your visual image, and while you’re in a meditative state, physically feel the item that represents your desire and feel the emotions that go with having that physical item.

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