Neville Goddard says to repeat to yourself over and over, “I AM…” until this sinks in. “I AM Lord.” As you come to realize it, to believe it, it will open up new pathways in your brain.

When I started really focusing on telling myself, “I AM,” it wasn’t hard as in it made little sense, it was hard because I was having to fight with myself to accept it. I was afraid.

I focused on that fear, curious, and the answer came as a blast of revelation…a word from God: if I accept that I am I AM, it means there is no limitation. Everything is open to me.

The Bible tells us in Philippians 2:12 to work out our salvation with fear and trembling. I wonder if it doesn’t mean exactly what I’ve experienced: the fear comes because our salvation requires us to turn from our current path, and the trembling, because once we do, it’s overwhelming. It’s like being given a key to the kingdom that opens doors I never figured I’d understand in my lifetime.

Image by Jose Antonio Alba

The Bible says we die to ourselves and are born again into the kingdom of God, that God lives in us and we in him. Accepting that as literal truth, it means that we are God, I AM, but our father is greater than us. So there is the part of God that is outside of us and is greater than we are. This part is Jehovah, his ways differ from ours, hence why we can’t say how our Father works, but we can say that he works. There is also the part of God that is in us, “I AM.” I AM is within me, therefore, I AM God. And if I AM God, I am every aspect we ascribe to God, because he is in me and I in him.

It is frightening, almost overwhelming, and there’s a part of me that fights against it, not logically, but emotionally, because it feels like a dismissal of what I’ve always believed. And yet I read it and it does more than just make sense, it fits. It pulls in everything, even those parts that would always get left to the side because they didn’t fit or made little sense. It’s not just that things seem to line up, there’s not anything that doesn’t fit. If I had to look at my previous beliefs and my current beliefs and see which one aligned closer with what the Bible says, it would be this.

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